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Our Story

Far from the neon glow of crowded cities lies a small oasis called Partaï - meaning "escape" in an ancient tongue. It was here, over a decade ago, that a festival was born. A group of dreamers gathered one sultry night around a simple wooden stage lit by tiki torches and transported by electronic music wafting over the palms. In that moment, these wanderers glimpsed the power of sound to unite souls across boundaries. And they vowed then and there to nurture this seed and grow it into an oasis where all who thirst for human connection could gather under tropical stars as one tribe.

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Join Us

The story remains unfinished, awaiting the memories of all who will experience Partaï anew this year and add their own vignettes of sound, light and revelry to this ever-evolving tapestry of shared joy and liberation found 'neath palm fronds rustling to the beat. For at its heart, Partaï is not a celebration of music for music's sake alone, but rather a grand experiment in what happens when souls set aside their differences and unite in the expressive power of rhythm, just as dancers - each moving independently - somehow find the beat as one.

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